Piotr Scholz

guitarist / composer / conductor

Told about me

„While working together, I discovered Piotr Scholz's extraordinary instrumental skills, as well as his unquestionable proficiency in composition and arrangement. His unusual, unique approach to music inspires my deepest respect”.

- Włodek Pawlik

Piotr Scholz

Guitarist, composer and conductor. He is also a winner of many prominent awards, such as Grand Prix of Lotos Jazz Festival, 17th Bielska Zadymka Jazzowa, Grand Prix of Jazz Fruit on Mladi Ladi Jazz Festival in Prague, Grand Prix on 18th National Contest of Jazz and Blues Bands, as well as 3rd place on 2nd International Jazz  Composition Contest during Silesian Jazz Festival. Has been honoured with many prestigious awards, such as The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage Award, The Ministry of Science and Higher Education Grant Programme, Artistic Grant Programme from City of Poznań and Young Poland Grant Programme.


Original projects

He has been collaborating with Włodek Pawlik, Poznań Philharmonic Orchestra, Big Stan Band and Grit Ensamble.
His author's projects are the following: Weezdob Collective, Piotr Scholz Sextet and PJPOrchestra.