Piotr Scholz

guitarist / composer / conductor

A band that can be proud to cooperate with Włodek Pawlik (Grammy Award winner in 2014) with whom they recorded an album Zagajewski & Pawlik – „Mów Spokojniej”. Currently, the collective recorded their second album „Prague 10”.
Weezdob Collective was founded in 2014, in Poznań, by two friends, guitarist Piotr Scholz and saxophonist Kuba Marciniak. Their main idea behind the project was to gather together a group of friends, who get on well both on the stage and in life. Such combination of five musical personalities resulted in creating a consistent and unique collective of composers and improvisers. Repertoire of the band consists mainly of author’s compositions. The key feature of that ensemble is an unusual mixture of harmonica and saxophone.
Weezdob Collective has been honoured with many prestigious awards, in Poland and abroad, such as Grand Prix of Lotos Jazz Festival, 17th Bielska Zadymka Jazzowa, Grand Prix of Jazz Fruit on Mladi Ladi Jazz Festival in Prague, Grand Prix on 18th National Contest of Jazz and Blues Bands in Gdynia.
In October 2015, Jazz Forum Magazine (10/2015) published their debut album „Weezdob Collective – Live at Radio Katowice”.